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Qtest OS Tester for Chip Assembly Test

Test in Assembly or TIA

  • Test In Assembly or TIA is a concept to perform open short test at the back end of assembly after wire bond.
  • Assembly must deliver parts free of any assembly issues for Final Test.
  • The idea is to use TIA to detect any assembly faults introduced during the assembly process.
  • Assembly faults includes wire bond issue such as open, short and cross bond, ESD failures , diode forward and reverse leakages etc.
  • Assembly department will be able to take immediate action to rectify problem.
  • All assembled parts leaving will be free of assembly issues.

Why do you need TIA?

  • Assembly has full control of their process and take full responsibility for their quality.
  • It is able to detect assembly issue in process.
  • Assembly normally ask Test Department to do OS Test for them. Assembly still would have to pay Final Test for this job.
  • It is cheaper to use dedicated OS testers than using an expensive Functional testers to do a simple Open Short test.
  • Assembly will know the results almost immediately rather than have to wait for Final Test to tell them. It will be too late to take any remedial action.

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