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Laser Based Resistor Trimmer

Introduction: ULO-100

Qtest Ultra-Low Ohm laser-based resistor trimmer has been used by one of the largest Korean SMD resistor makers in the world.  The most important difference between the Qtest ULO-100 and the rest in the industry is its ability to trim printed ultra-low ohm resistors to SD<0.2% and with yield over 95%. It can also trim metal foil resistors as well as thin-film resistors. This trimmer is very versatile and will help to improve the efficiency and productivity of a company.


Qtest UHO & Thin Film Laser Resistor Trimmer

Qtest Ultra High Ohm Laser-based resistor trimmer has been trimming 22Mohm resistor panel using IR. The SD<0.2% with Yield over 95%. This UHO trimmer is designed to trim from 1Mohm to 100Mohm. 

Qtest has also developed and marketed its thin-film trimmer capable of trimming resistors with IRV from 100 to FTV of 32K. Accuracy can be from 0.01%.

Qtest TCR System or QTCR

  • QTCR was developed go help its customers perform the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance changes on its trimmed resistors.
  • QTCR is quick, easy to operate and very reliable.
  • Can measure 10 resistors via a mux card using the HIOKI meter.
  • Comes with 2 temperature controllable Work-holder ie low(15~40 degree C) and high(50~180 degree C) temperature accurate to +1 degree C.
  • The standard panel size :50x60 and 60x70mm
  • The resistor that failed the TCR limit will be cut opened circuit with a laser

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