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Qtest Fpca Tester for Hard Disk Assembly

Qtest has been working with the world largest hard disk maker since 1998 to implement a common test platform for all its fpca vendors. The reason for this is simple. Any vendors not meeting the required yield and productivity will have to improve or face the sack. All the vendors using the same pre-amp and functional test platform must produce the about the same yield and at about the same cost. All the testers, test software and pre-amp are the same and so are the final results.

Qtest totally design, manufacture both the testers hardware and its engineer developed the functional software needed to test the different type of fpca.

The test includes open short, resistance measurement, capacitors on power pins, IC functional test under power on condition, IC current tests under different conditions etc.

Once the fpca passed the tests, it can be than assembled into the head stack and into the final hard disk.

The reason is that if these fpca are not tested and assembled into the hard disk, it will cost too much to disassemble the hard disk and replace with a new fpca.


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