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Laser trimming for SMD resistors: Ultra Low Ohm Trimmer

Qtest ULO-100 is an Ultra Low Ohm trimmer fully developed by Qtest. It is capable of trimming from sub-milli-ohm up to within from +0.1% and with SD<0.2%. This system has been installed and running in production since 2016.

Depending on the customer's resistor material, the ULO-100 can be integrated with different types of laser systems to provide the best and cleanest cut or trim. It has been used to trim PRINTED ultra-low ohm resistors with low SD% and high yield. Most of the other ultra-low ohm trimmer in the market is only able to trim metal foil type resistors to an acceptable level.

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Ultra High Ohm and Thin Film Trimmer

Qtest Ultra High Ohm Laser-based resistor trimmer has been trimming 22Mohm resistor panel using IR. The SD<0.2% with Yield over 95%. This UHO trimmer is designed to trim from 1Mohm to 100Mohm. 

Qtest has also developed and marketed its thin-film trimmer capable of trimming resistors with IRV from 100 to FTV of 32K. Accuracy can be from 0.01%.

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Temperature Coefficient of Resistance Measurement or TCR System: Qtest TCR System

Qtest recently develivered a very efficient and high speed TCR to one of its customers. It is used to measure the already trimmed resistor panels at 2 different temperature such as at 25 degree C and 125 degree C to see how much changes the resistance has changes. If the resistor is found to be out of limit, it will be cut opened using a laser. Only these found to be within the limits are allowed to be sold.

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Chip Assembly in Semiconductor Industry: Panther IV OS Tester

Qtest Panther series of OS testers were first designed back in 1997. It was first installed in an international chip assembly company based in Singapore. At that time, all these companies were using X ray to try to detect open or short in their wire bonds. Howere with multi tier wires, it is almost impossible.

Other users of Qtest Panthers include Panasonic, IDT, UTAC, Statschippac, EEMS, ASAT, Freescale( now NXP)

Panther is designed with great flexibility to enable to the user makes the best use of its capability. Each board can be configured to provide 256 ch(2 wire) or 128ch(4 wire) measurement. Each board is totally controlled by its own microprocessor and comes with its own PMU to provide accurate FV or FI measurment with clamp. This ensures that it will NEVER cause OVER VOKTAGE or CURRENT that may damage the chip under test.

Average test time per pin is about 1msec. It can be configured to test in parallel or series testing.

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Hard Disk Fpca Test Industry: Qtest QT162A and QT162

QT162 is a mixed signal Functional tester that was designed back in 1998 and hundreds were installed in one of the world largest hard disk maker's fpca suppliers. All these fpca that were installed with the pre-amp and other components must be tested using the QT162A before it can be finally installed into the headstack and the fial HD assembly.

QT162A is an upgraded version. These testers are mixed signal functional testers and capable of performing open short, RC measurement, and Voltage Current Freq measurement. It is designed to test up to 10 ch fpca using the present loadboard.

QT612A comes with 16 digital channels and 48 mux analog channels.

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Custom Design Systems

Qtest has a dedicated team of engineers that is able to design and integrate mechanical, control and electronics systems into a total solution to meet customers requirement.

All of Qtest's products are totally designed in-house, branded under Qtest brand and sold to customeres in various countries.

It will work with distributors in some countries or directly provide support to its customers.

All Qtest systems carries a warranty of 12 months after buyoff under otherwise specified.

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